October 10-14 Present Simple

October 10-14

The verb be plural, I don’t like, Do you like?

English in Mind, pages 20, 21(exercises b, c, d, e)
Page 22
In class

20. b) What’s the name of the band? – Targets
How many people ere there in the band? – 4 people, Chuck, Kate, Matt, Connor.

c) 1. Matt and Chuck both play the guitar in the band. F
Chuck’s the singer, Matt’s the guitar player.

2. Two people in the band are not from Birmingham. F
Only Kate doesn’t live in Birmingham.

3. Chuck is from a city called Coventry. F
Chuck is from Birmingham.

4. All the people in the band are 18. F
Only Kate and Connor are 18.

5. Are we alone? Is an old song?
No, it’s a new song

21. d.

1) Is Simon Australian?
No, I think he is British.

2) Is Avatar a good film?
No, it isn’t very interesting.

3) Tokio Hotel, are they a pop group?
Yes, they are great!

4) Are Pietro and Daniella from Italy?
No, they aren’t Italian. They are Swiss.

e. Is Daniel Craig British or American?
Is Camden Market in London?
Are Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman actors?
Is Kia a Japanese company?
Is Chessington World of Adventure a theme park in England?



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