We’re staying
I’m having
The sun’s shining
Are playing
I’m sitting
I’m not doing any work
What are you doing?My email to Jessica

Hi Jessica, It’s Sally, I’m writing a reply to your email, and I’m very surprised about that you don’t go out off your room, look outside, I know that it’s one hundred interest very clear air, and beautiful outside, oh darling! you should go and swim right now, and enjoy those perfect days.

April 17-21

English in Mind unit 9 page 18

  1. He uses computer to communicate with people.
  2. They swim, run and cycle.
  3. When they cycle, Dick seats him in a special seat place then ride him, in a swimming he puts him in a boat and pulls him, when they run Dick puts him in a wheelchair.
  4. It is a “Team Hoyt”
  5. They take 14 or 15 hours
  6. Because they don’t able to win the triathlon, but they tried to do it, and it is not so easy to win, but they think that they always win, because they love that emotions what they feel while they do the triathlon.

    In class

In class

Simple Present or Progressive? Fill in the correct tense.
1. Would you like some beer? No, thank you I don’t drink alcohol. (not drink)
2. Why do you study Spanish? Because I want to go to Madrid next summer. (you study)
3. Where are you come from? (you come)
4. What does your father do for a living? (your father do)
5. My sister trains to be a nurse. (train)
6. That’s an interesting article. It tells you a lot about British teenagers. (tell)
7. What do you read ? A thriller. (you read)
8. Where can I get a ticket, please? (I get)
9. I don’t like Mr Smith. He talks too much. (talk)
10. Susan, hurry up! What are you doing in the bathroom all the time? (you do)
11. How are you getting on these days? (you get on)
12. What language do they speak in Brazil? (they speak)
13. I think it is getting colder. We’d better take coats. (get)
14. Andy looks like his brother, doesn’t he? (look)
15. What’s that noise? It sounds like a helicopter. (sound)

April 10-14

English in Mind, page 16: read the letter and answer the questions.

Hi dear old friend, how are you, and what have you been up to, I’m doing well, while we didn’t communicate, I got a lot of new friends. The one who I want you to meet is Sophie, she is very cute, educated, nice and behavey, she has got short brown colored hair, brown eyes, and beautiful smile.

One thing I like about my friends and teachers is that they’re very friendly and fun, we can talk about different things and topics.

I don’t have anything I don’t like about my friends and teachers.

Page 17, check your progress.


We usually eat chicken on Mondays.
I always go shopping at the weekend.
I am usually tired in the morning.
The teacher often smiles at us.
I eat fruit ever hardly.


25 to 13:00
Half past 11:00
10 to 19:00
15 to 13:00

In class

April 3-7

How do you celebrate Easter in your family?

Hi I’m Maria, I’m 11, actually we celebrate Easter at home, we buy Easter eggs, and paint them with my brother, cook Easter cakes, we go to the church, and meet our grandparents, probably we don’t have the school classes at that day, so I don’t know do we have the classes the next day after the Easter, but I think no. Also we play games with Easter eggs, and laugh together. We really love Easter, it’s funny, and lovely celebrating of us.

Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practice and improve your listening skills.


Can you play a musical instrument? – I played a piano, but I don’t play it since 4-th grade.

What instrument would you like to play? – I’d like to play a guitar, or electric guitar.

Would you like to be in a band? – Yes, I would, and I’d like to have my band.

ShowCheck your understanding: true or false

ShowCheck your understanding: gap fill


March 20-24

Vocabulary: How do you feel”, page 12
Read Julie’s email, page 13

Page 12








A: How do you feel?
B: I’m ecstatic!

A: How do you feel?
B: I’m bored

A: How do you feel?
B: I’m scared and confused!

5. A: How do you feel?
B: I’m excited!!!

6. A: How do you feel?
B: I’m narrowed!

Page 13

No, she doesn’t love Steve, se as a new boyfriend, and she’s scared and angry about yesterday.

Meeting other students

Listen to a group of new students meeting for the first time to practise and improve your listening skills.

March 13-17

English in Mind, pages 8, 9, 10, 11
What English teenagers watch?
Write about programmes you like to watch.
Negative Imperatives.

2. wanted
woke up
did not stay

3. 1. T
2. T
3. F
4. T
5. F
6. T

4. vegetables – tomato, potato, cabbage, carrot, onion, mushroom
fruit – banana, orange, mango, avocado, coconut
starters – cured salmon with prawns, pickled salad, baked feta with burst tomatoes & chilli honey
main meals – Calzones, Deep Fried Main Dishes, Seafood Main Dishes, Meatballs, Curry Main Dishes, Quiche, Chicken Main Dishes, Pasta Main Dishes.
drinks – orange juice, natural juice, water, cocktail, milk-shake

March 6-10

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My Mother.

 Mother is considered the guardian angel of the family. And, of course, it is the mother who plays an important role in the life of every person.

Mother’s Day, also sometimes called ‘Mothering Sunday’, in the United Kingdom. For many mothers and their children it is a very special day and one day of the year when we all remember to thank our mums for looking after us and we celebrate their lives.

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day around the middle of May but in the UK we normally celebrate it in March – officially it is celebrated the Sunday three weeks before Easter.

In many families it is traditional to give a present to our mother on Mother’s Day. Very often children give their mothers a bouquet of flowers or a small box of chocolates. Young children are encouraged to make something – a small craftwork or painting – to give as a present. With older children and adults, it can be nice to take your mother out for lunch, or to have a day out together. This is good not just because you are thanking her but because you are showing your thanks by spending time with your mother.

Whatever its origins and however we celebrate this day, what is most important is that we do celebrate it. So many of us spend a lot of time fighting with our mothers – and other members of our families – but it is very rare that we pause and tell them how much we appreciate and love them.

We should celebrate and be thankful to our mothers every day of the year but, unfortunately, we often forget in our busy and fast-paced lives. This is one day of the year when we must not. This is one day of the year when we must all say to our mothers, ‘Thank you for everything.’

1)What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘mother’?
To my mind springs very kind and cozy images
(2)Can you describe your mother in one word? Why that word?
Understanding, ‘couse she can understand me every time when I want to talk with her
(3)Should mothers stay at home and look after the kids?
Probably yes, because they’re their kids, and they must to love and pay attention to their kids
(4)Do you always buy your mother a present on Mother’s Day?
Not always, but very often
(5)What do you think is the hardest thing about being a mother?
It’s a great responsibility
(6)In what ways do you take after your mother?
We both have similar and almost same likes and affairs
(7)What is your mother’s biggest wish?
To I become a good person
(8)Is your mother more like a mother or a best friend?
(9)What do/did your mother and you argue about?
Those’re discussions about different things
(10)What do you think of Mother’s Day? Is it necessary?
I think that we cannot get by a mother’s day, it is necessary

February 20-24

Shopping for clothes

Listen to a conversation in a shop to practise and improve your listening skills.

English in Mind, page 2
Read the letter and write your reply to the email

Dear Adrian and Kerry, thank you for letter and photo!
Here’s a photo of my family and me.
So, I’m so glad that I will be there next month, so I want to start of that I’m Maria, and I’m from Armenia, I really like tennis, crocheting, sewing, and cooking. In general I like hamburgers, and pizza a lot!
But I hate olives, and I can’t eat them.