May 21-26

English in Mind, page 30, read the postcard and answer the questions

Page 33, vocabulary, months and seasons

Page 34, clothes

They were staying in a small hotel near the beach.
It’s got a swimming pool.
They were doing a shopping in the town.
She was having a breakfast.
The sun were shining.

Hi dear Paul, I’m in Greece, it’s wonderful here, we are staying in a glamping hotel, I really like this hotel, because Greece is the place where I can catch some peas and quiet. In general here I mostly try to relax, but right now I’m in the beach and sunbathe.

In Maldives
Drinking a coffee
My best friend
I enjoy all the holiday.
The mosquitos.

2. Do you like watching soap operas on TV?
3. My brother likes swimming in the sea.
4. Her cat doesn’t like drinking milk.


2. volleyball
3. rugby
4. football
5. basketball
6. cycle
7. gymnastics


2. My dad can stand on his head, but he cannot walk on his hands.
3. Tessa can play football, but she cannot rollerblade.
4. Kyle and Annie can sing, but they cannot dace.

3. Living room
4. Table
5. Bat room

Page 32, special days


  1. Hogmanay
  2. Burns Night
  3. Highland games


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