My favorite sport

Hi everyone, I am Mariam Sahakyan and I’m gonna be telling you about my favorite sport. First of all, I want to say that I am and I was fond of so many sports, for example dancing, gymnastics, bowing, tennis, and swimming, and all that jazz. So now I go for the bowing, but I’m planning to go for tennis and swimming when the summer will come. But I want to say something another, just like my opinion of all the sports, I just think that sport is the global part of our lives, one time will come one moment when we actually will think about the sport for the continuing to keep our bodies fit, and healthy and strong, and you know that is not like a hobby or something else, it is a lifestyle, and when one time when we will be have to pick some sport we will be careful and accurate with our choice. So that is all for today, see you soon, bye-bye.


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