April 3-7

How do you celebrate Easter in your family?

Hi I’m Maria, I’m 11, actually we celebrate Easter at home, we buy Easter eggs, and paint them with my brother, cook Easter cakes, we go to the church, and meet our grandparents, probably we don’t have the school classes at that day, so I don’t know do we have the classes the next day after the Easter, but I think no. Also we play games with Easter eggs, and laugh together. We really love Easter, it’s funny, and lovely celebrating of us.

Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practice and improve your listening skills.


Can you play a musical instrument? – I played a piano, but I don’t play it since 4-th grade.

What instrument would you like to play? – I’d like to play a guitar, or electric guitar.

Would you like to be in a band? – Yes, I would, and I’d like to have my band.

ShowCheck your understanding: true or false

ShowCheck your understanding: gap fill



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