February 13-17

English in Mind, pages 51, 52

I’d like
Would you like?
Would you like?
I wouldn’t like

I’d like, Would you like? exercises d, e, b

Complete the sentences in simple past tense.

  • I my teeth. ( brush) – I brush my teeth.
  • Tom tennis with his friends. ( play) – Tom plays tennis with his friends.
  • They for their exam. ( study) – They study for their exam.
  • Susan to me quietly. ( talk) – Susan talks to me quietly.
  • Thomas me with my homework. ( help) – Thomas helps me with homework.
  • Daniel his car. ( wash) Daniel washes his car.
  • The baby a lot. ( cry) – My baby cries a lot
  • The man so fast. ( walk) – The man walks so fast.

Write in the Past Tense

  • I (hear) a new song on the radio. heard
  • I (read) three books last week. read
  • They. (speak) French to the waitress. spoke
  • He. (understand) during the class, but now he doesn’t understand. understood
  • I. (forget) to buy some milk. forgot
  • She. (have) a baby in June. had
  • You. (lose) your keys last week. lost

 Are these               a       an       the      pencils you want ?

2.- Whales are           a     an     the    biggest animals in           a     an     the    world.

3.- I’ve got           a     an     the    dog and two stupid cats.           a     an     The    dog is very old.

4.- I saw           a     an     the    insect flying in my room.           a     an     The    insect was           a     an     the    mosquito.

5.- Europe is           a     an     the    continent and Mallorca is           a     an     the    island.

6.- For breakfast I had           a     an     the    egg and           a     an     the    toast.           a     an     The    egg was very tasty.

7.- This is           a     an     the    ugly house. I think it is           a     an     the    ugliest house in Spain.

8.-           a     an     The    word ‘water’ is           a     an     the    uncountable noun.

9.- Please, don’t tell me           a     an     the    story of your life !

10.- My mother is           a     an     the    nurse and my father is           a     an     the    English teacher.

Plurals (Irregular)

Type the plurals in the boxes for the words below.

1.man men
2.child children
3.tooth teeth
4.woman women
5.fish fish
6.foot feet
7.person person
8.sheep sheep
9.mouse mice

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