November 28 – December 2

English in Mind, pages 34-37

Grammar: There is, there are, prepositions of place
In class

Vocabulary: Places in towns, numbers 100+

Singular nouns Plural nouns

Yes, there’s There’re shops.
Are there any shops.
Yes, there’s.
No, there aren’t.

3. There is a model of me in Madam Tussauds!
4. There are some delicious drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe.
5. There is a good cafe in the Tate Modern.
6. There are a lot of people in Covent Garden today.
7. There aren’t any seats in the cafe at that moment.

2. railway station
3. newsagent
4. supermarket
5. chemist
6. bank
7. bookshop
8. park
9. post office

A: Are there any parks in your town?
B: Yes, there are so many parks with grass.
A: Are there any cafes or restaurants in your town?
B: Yes, and their food are very delicious.
A: Will you visit my city?
B: Of course!!!

2. in a mail
3. train station
4. in a mail
5. exchange
6. in a market
7. football field
8. in a magazine shop

Buy stamps here
Watch this film, it’s great
Listen to your teacher
Pay money here
Sit down please
Pay for travel card here


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