23. b.

Subject: I, you, she, he, it, we, they
Object: Me, you, her, his, it, us, them

A: Do you like Ariana Grande?
B: Yes, she’s grate singer. Do you like Dua Lipa?
A: Yes, I like she’s grate too.
B: Dua Lipa’s fantastic.
A: Yes, I agree.


2-is, 3-is, 4-is, 5-is, 6-is, 7-are, 8-are, 9-are, 10-is


  1. Eminem is boring. I don’t like him any more.
    2. Green Day are my favorite band. I love them.
    3. Lily Allen is a really good singer. I like her a lot.
    4. I like Carol and her brother, but they don’t like me!


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