October 3-7

Heroes and heroines: English in Mind, page 18,
page 19, write about yourself. Joanna’s text will help you.

19. A singer, Sertaba Erener, Istanbul, Turkish
Queen Lalifah, an actress, Newark, American
Leonel Messi, a footballer, Rosario, Argentinian
Kanye West, a rap singer, Chicago, American
Lorean Ochoa, a golfer, Guadalajara ,Mexican
Rodirgo Santoro, an actor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian

Leonel Messi’s from Barselona. – No he’s from Rosario
Sertab Erner’s from London. – No she’s from Istanbul
Lorean Ochoa’s Spanish. – No she’s Mexican
Rodrigo Santoro’s a singer. – No he’s an actor
Queen Lalifah’s from Istanbul. – No she’s an actress
Kanye West’s from Turkey. – No he’s from America

Where’s Johanna from? – She’s from Manchester
Who’s her heroine? – Her heroine’s Alicia Keys

Hi! I’m Maria. I’m 11. I’m Armenian. I’m from Yerevan. My address’s Yesnik Koxbaci 49 road, Yerevan. My phone number’s 094-14-08-24. My heroine’s Zendaya. She’s from California. She’s an actress.

Answer these questions
What is your

  • favorite tv show? – my favorite tv show’s about famous actors and singers.
  • favorite book? – my favorite book’s Little Prince
  • favorite food? – my favorite food’s pizza
  • favorite pizza topping – my favorite topping’s ketchup
  • favorite holiday? – my favorite holyday’s Christmas (X-mas)
  • favorite ice cream flavor? – my favorite ice cream flavor’s chocolate
  • favorite movie? – Princess diaries
  • birthday? – my favorite birthday’s my mom’s birthday
  • favorite fast-food restaurant? – MCdonald’s, and KFC
  • favorite number? – my favorite number’s 5
  • favorite color? – my favorite color’s purple
  • favorite relative? – I love all my relatives
  • favorite song? – my favorite song’s “Freaks”
  • middle name? – Gabriella, Emma, Anastasia

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