First lesson English

2. an old man
3. a big TV
4. a new book
5. a small hotel
6. an interesting DVD
7. a bad cafe’
8. a good hamburger

a good CD
an expansive restaurant
an interesting museum
a good football team
an interesting computer game

Interesting – boring
Young – old
Small – big
Expansive – cheap

an old woman
an expansive computer
a big taxi
a small pizza
an international airport

Black, brown, pink, gray, red, green, purple, silver, yellow, blue, orange.

Teacher: What does this mean?
Boy: Sorry, I don’t know
Girl: I know, Miss

Alex: I don’t understand.
Julie: It’s ok Alex. I can help you
Alex: Thanks Julie

Girl: Excuse me. Can I help you?
Woman: Yes please
Girl: Ok?
Woman: Yes great. Thank you!
Girl: No problem!

No problem
Excuse me
I don’t know
What does this mean?
I can help you


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