Dick Whittington

Once upon a time, there was a very poor man, his name was Dick Whittington, he was live in the village. In the village person believed that in streets of London were scatter of gold. When he arrived in London there were no streets of gold, he was very tired, but one rich man took him home. He was working in the kitchen, he was working very hard, but he had one problem, in the kitchen was running the rаts, and he couldn’t to sleep. He go to outside, and found fastest running cat, cat was eat the rats, and he could sleep well. The businessman heard about the amazing cat and asked Dick if he could take it on his ship to catch rats on his next journey. Dick was very sad to see the cat go. He was go and hear that bells sound that they say. ‘Turn back, Dick Whittington, Mayor of London!’. Dick saw that the cat had caught all the rats on the ship, and returned his cat to him, and he was work for the businessman, and some time ago he he married the businessman’s daughter and started a very successful business of his own. And he did become Mayor of London!

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