The Dog and The Cat

Once there lived a pussy cat,
Who was very sleek-հարթ and fat.
As for his trade-торговля,
Warm-теплый things he made:
Hats and mittens-перчатки
For cats and kittens-ձագուկներ.
One fine day the furrier-մորթիագործ
Whistling-սուլելով in his workshop sat
When in came a dog
Out of the fog-մառախուղ.
He made a low bow-низкий поклон
And he yelped-գոռաց “Hullo!”
And after he’d yelped
He pulled out a pelt.
Then he said to the cat:
“Have a look at that.
I’ve got no hat
And the winter’s near.
It’s all too bad;
I’ll freeze, I fear.
If it comes out nice,
I’ll pay any price.
What do you say?”
“How long will it take?”
“Oh, less than a week.
To oblige a friend,
I’ll be double-quick.
Sewing a hat
Isn’t sewing a coat
Oh no, mere play.
Come on Saturday!”
“It won’t be a hat
But a very peach,
The envy, I’ll warrant,
Of every and each.
As for the money,
That can wait.
We’ll talk it over—
Never too late.
Sewing a hat
Isn’t sewing a coat.”
“Good-bye, Cat!”
And off the dog strode.
On Saturday morning
The dog turned up,
Shaking and shivering
Like a wretched pup.
“Is it ready, my hat?”
“Oh no,” they said.
“And where’s the Cat?”
“Not at home yet.”

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