Child-children I love children very much.

Bus-buses My bus is a number 15.

Cherry-cherries Cherry is very sweet.

Man-men This is a men’s world.

Glass-glasses Glass with vine.

House-houses I have a cozy home.

 Apple-apples In autumn you can taste a lot of apples.

Box-boxes I have a surprise box.

Baby-babies I have a baby brother.

Ball-balls My gimnastics ball is a very bright.

Tomato-tomatoes I don’t like tomato juice.

Parrot-parrots My friend have a parrot.

Dish-dishes My favorite dish is a pasta mac & cheese.

Sheep-sheep I like sheep.

Melon-melons I don’t like melons.

Armchair-armchairs Armchair is very comfortable.

Woman- women Women is beautyful.

City- cities In Yerevan city many cafes.

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