My family at home

My family lives in a big house. It is on the fourth floor. It has five rooms, a pretty bathroom. We have breakfast only on weekends when we all are at home. On weekends I and my brother do our homeworks. Then my mom cheks our tastk. My dad helps me to do my mathematics. Every day aftter our lessons we go to yard and play with my friend. We miss each other during the week. In these colod days we meet each other not often, but we do our best to play a little.

I help my mom to do her works at home, for example I wash the dishes, I clean the rooms, and I do shopping with my mom. I like my flat very much and when I go to my grandmother’s home I miss my room and my things very much.

My family at home

My family lives in a small house. It’s simple but pretty. It has a large garden. I like to work in the garden but my sister hates to work in the garden. She prefers to read. She reads in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

I give all of the vegetables to mom and dad. They like to cook in our small kitchen. I eat any vegetable but my sister eats only a few.

My family always eats breakfast and dinner together. We talk. We laugh. Then my sister washes the dishes.

At night dad likes to listen to music. Mom works on the computer. I watch television. And my sister reads.

Soon we go to bed. My parents go to bed late but my sister and I go to bed early. I’m ready to go to sleep but my sister wants to keep reading.

Անծանոթ բառեր


soon-վաղ, շուտ

to keep-շարունակել ինչ-որ բան անել

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