My day

-Hi Mia, I am so glad you came over!

-Hello Mike!How are you?

-I am fine, thanks and you?

-I’m fine too!

-Let’s sit on the green grass and talk.

-Let’s sit Mia.

-So Mike tell me about yourself.What’s your typical day like?

-Ok my all day are busy.

-I get up early in the morning, because my school only starts at 9.

-I go to the bathroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth.

-I have breakfast with my family, I like to eat bread with Nutella.

-Mia, please tell me at what time does your school open?

–  Mike it opens at 9.15.

– All right.

– Then Mia, we reach to our school with scool bus. I have lunch at the cafeteria, at about 12:00. I leave school at 1 pm.

-Mia, tell me at what time does your lessons over?

-Mike, my lessons over at 2pm.


-Then Mia, I take the bus and go to a sports centere to play tennis.I’m very passionate about tennis.And one day I’ld like to play for my local team. About 4pm I finnaly get home.I eat a snack and watch TV. And around 6 o’clock I do my homework.

-At what time do you usually have breakfast?

-Mia, I have dinner with my family at around 7 pm.

-Mike, how do you spend your evenings?

-In the evenings I chat with my friends, or play computer games, then I take a bath.At 10 o’clock I go to bed.

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